harrisAfter 13 years Charlaine Harris has written another Aurora Teagarden book, All the Little Liars. If you are new to the series, Aurora is a librarian and lives and works in the town of Lawrenceton, Georgia. The previous 8 titles has seen Aurora go through a lot of personal changes and challenges while helping to solve murders.

In this 9th installment the newly married Aurora is expecting her first child. Also her 15 year-old half-brother, Phillip, is living with her and husband Robin Crusoe. Happily caught up in the news of her pregnancy Aurora doesn’t sense anything is wrong then Phillip and 3 other children go missing.

They were seen leaving the soccer field then seemingly vanished. The body of one of their classmates is found at the salon where Phillip and the others were headed. Did the kids have something to do with the death, did they witness it, or have they met a similar fate?

Not one to sit on the sidelines Aurora explores all avenues in her search for the missing kids while dealing with grade school bullies, an estranged father, and morning sickness. This is an entertaining series and hopefully we won’t have to wait so long for #10.