Sometimes you find a book that is just a perfect read — entertaining and uplifting without being too saccharine or sickeningly sweet. I read a lot (meaning I go into withdrawal if I finish a book and don’t have another one within grabbing distance), so I’m always on the lookout for interesting titles to pick up. To help with that I subscribe to a couple different sites for e-mail recommendations and jot down titles that catch my interest. “The Wedding Bees” by Sarah-Kate Lynch was one of those titles that made it onto my list.

The Joplin Public Library didn’t own it so I requested it via our interlibrary loan system. If a book has been out for at least a year, our Reference Department can see if another library system has the book available for borrowing. Soon enough “The Wedding Bees” had come in and I was ready to give it a read. I started it while waiting for my daughter during her dance lesson. The opening pages quickly caught me, and by the time my daughter finished her lesson I was so engrossed that I hated to stop reading long enough to drive her home. In fact, I ended up finishing the book before bed that night.

“The Wedding Bees” features Sugar Wallace, a displaced South Charleston belle who finds a new home every spring based on the location her prized honeybee queen chooses on a map. Year 15 finds Sugar and her honeybees landing in New York City, in a small, East Village, walk-up apartment. Sugar believes that good manners and some of her honey can solve just about any problem. This seems to be the case so far, for all of them except Sugar’s problems.

Even before Sugar has seen her new apartment, she runs into two intriguing characters. George is a doorman without a door and Theo is a Scotsman who sets off quivers of excitement in Sugar that she’s determined to squash. While she may have decided to avoid Theo and those quivers, Sugar’s bees seem to have other plans.

Sugar’s honey is put to work helping the people who reside in her apartment building. From Nate, her next door neighbor, who hides from the world, all the way down to single mom Lola struggling to provide a good life for her always squalling child, the inhabitants all find a magic in Sugar and her bees. Sugar wants to fill her neighbors’ lives with love and honey but Theo’s pursuit of Sugar pushes her farther and farther away from her own thoughts of love, no matter how charming a Scotsman he is.

This book was just a delight from page one. Filled with interesting and unusual characters, a sweet plot, dashes of humor mixed with romance and bees weaving their way through the pages, “The Wedding Bees” was a book I couldn’t put down. When I finished the last page, I had a smile on my face from how perfectly it wrapped up. I enjoyed the book so much that I immediately filled out a suggestion for purchase the next day, feeling that this would be a good addition to the library collection. Come by the Joplin Public Library to read this book and see if you agree.