Sixteen-year-old Lottie’s home life is not the same since her father died. She is desperate to keep anyone from knowing and joins the school baking club to ‘get back on track’ and keep the school from visiting her home.

She finds her love of baking, that others in the group also have secrets, and a rebel named Mac. Can her budding romance with Mac survive the big bake-off and all the lies Lottie must tell to keep her home life secret? Katy Cannon’s first young adult novel, Love, Lies and Lemon Pies, is a fun summer read and can be found in the Ebsco eBook Collection.

Before offering the MoLib2Go Overdrive collection of eBooks the Library had a small collection from Ebsco. Through our affiliation with the state consortium, MoreNet, that collection just got bigger and better.  Library users now have an additional 41,783 titles in the Ebsco collection.

These titles will check out for 21 days and unlimited simultaneous use means you will never have to wait to use one.

To highlight the diversity of titles available I did a keyword search for lemon. In addition to Lottie’s story my search brought up a list of diverse titles. Here are a few of the results.

Lemons Into Limoncello by Raeleen Mautner is a self-help book with an Italian twist. After the death of her husband Mautner used the habits and rituals of her Italian upbringing to not only cope with his death but to emerge stronger. Find out about arranglarsi, the Italian ability to cope by elevating ordinary events to the extraordinary.

The next title is perfect for any of you who like me have a tendency to take less than perfect pictures. When Life Gives You Lemons: Turning Sour Photos Into Sweet Scrapbook Layouts by Sherry Steveson shows you how to take those blurry, dark, poorly famed photos and turn them into perfect layouts for your scrapbook.

If you like biographies Come Home Charley Patton by Ralph Lemons documents southern culture and the Civil Rights Era. Family remembrances, anecdotes and his account of the making of a dance tell the story in this memoir. He visits the sites of lynchings and Civil Rights marches and with descendants of early Southern musicians to pen this final book in his Geography trilogy.

Womanist Forefathers: Frederick Douglass and W.E.B. Du Bois is both biography and social commentary. Gary Lemons uses the memoirs and political writings on women by both of these men to show them as early proponents of female equality.

As you might suspect the search resulted in lots of cookbooks. For those expecting a baby, Tara Desmond’s Full Belly: Good Eats for a Healthy Pregnancy offers recipes and nutritional advice for all 9 months of pregnancy. For those looking for a healthy diet, The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook has more than 200 recipes. Denise Hazime’s easy to follow recipes cover breakfast though dessert.

The book with the most mouth watering cover is Vegan Chocolate: Unapologetically Luscious and Decadent Desserts. Vegans and even those who don’t following a vegan lifestyle will find a lot to love in Fran Costigan’s all things chocolate recipes.

If you like novels there are plenty in the collection. The Lemon Grove by Ali Hosseini is the story of identical twins Ruzbeh and Behruz who fall for the same woman. Rather than compete with his brother Behruz goes to America. Left behind Ruzbeh becomes involved in the Iran/Iraq War. Behruz’s return to care for shell-shocked Ruzbeh sets off a chain of events that change their lives.

Science Experiments with Food is for the kindergarten through grade 3 ages. Alex Kuskowski uses easily available ingredients with lucid explanations of scientific principles in these fun experiments.

These titles and the other 43,700+ became a part of the library collection on July 1st. You can download any title by creating a free Ebsco account and using Adobe epub.  The books are available in the epub format or as a PDF.

I encourage you to explore this collection found under Reference then Online Resources on the library webpage. There is something for everyone and if you have questions call the Reference Department, we are happy to help.