Since I’m a librarian you are probably not surprised that I very much prefer a physical book when reading. The feel, heft and smell are part of the pleasure I get from reading.

However, despite my preference, I cannot deny the convenience of eBooks. Joplin Public Library offers a pretty good selection and it just got bigger and better. Through our affiliation with the state consortium, MOREnet, library users now have an additional 41,792 titles to read and checkout.

Added to the Ebsco eBook Collection already available these titles will check out for 21 days and unlimited simultaneous use means you will never have to wait to for one.

Given the holiday we are celebrating this weekend I searched the collection using “July 4th”. This isn’t a good search to find Fourth of July materials but it’s a great search to highlight the diversity of titles available. Following is a sample of the results from my search.

For children, The Case of the July 4th Jinx by Lewis B. Montgomery, is one of the Milo & Jazz mysteries. Milo and Jazz, detectives in training, find that things are going wrong at the town’s Fourth of July Fair. They will have to follow the clues to find out if it’s a jinx or sabotage!

History scholars can get Slaughter on the Somme, 1 July 1916: The Complete War Diaries of the British Army’s Worst Day by Martin Mace. The Battle of Somme was fought from July 1 to November 18, 1916 between the British and German Empires . An estimated 60,000 British soldiers died on the first day of battle. In this one volume, Mace has assembled the diaries from each of the Corps along the British front who “went over the top” that fateful day.

‘Old Slow Town’: Detroit During the Civil War by Paul Taylor gives a social and political view of the rebellion. Though removed from the battlefields Detroit became a city nearly torn apart by the division between pro-Union and antiwar sentiments. This book explores the effects of this division on the city and the role of the media, including the Detroit Free Press.

Adventurous cooks might enjoy Bake Me I’m Yours ..: Seasonal Push Pop Cakes. Katie Deacon has created some impressive, fun desserts using mini cupcakes and frosting. You’ll get recipes, instructions, and ideas to create push pop cakes for holidays and events throughout the year.

Fans of biographical fiction will find Shame On the Devil: A Novel fascinating. Fanny Fern was a remarkable 19th century novelist, journalist and feminist. Debra Brenegan’s novel is based on her life and includes other historical figures of the era.

If music is an integral part of your life, try Walk Like a Man: Coming of Age with the Music of Bruce Springsteen. Bookstore owner and author Robert Wierseman explores the influence and meaning of music in his life. Songs by Bruce Springsteen take center stage in this autobiographical work.

Poor Folk is the first novella by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Written as letters between the two main characters the author highlights the life of poor people and their relationship with the rich.

The final title is a reference work you may choose to just use and not check out. Holy People of the World: a Cross-Cultural Encyclopedia by Phyllis Jestice spans all the major religions. Over 1100 biographical sketches are included of holy people from around the world.

These titles officially became a part of the library collection on July 1st. The download option was turned off. Our request to allow downloads and for records to add to our catalog may take a few days to fill. So if you don’t see a download link it will be there soon.

I encourage you to explore this collection found under Reference, Online Resources on the library webpage ( There is something for everyone and if you have questions call the reference department at 624-5465, we are happy to help.