SeraphinaTeen Fiction

In Seraphina’s home city of Goredd, dragons and humans have lived a relatively peaceful existence for nearly 40 years thanks to a treaty that includes rules such as humans may not enter dragon territory, dragons must take their human shape to enter human territory, and dragons and humans may not have emotional relationships or attachments.

In fact, dragons are discouraged from showing any human-like emotions at all, and if they do, they are forced to undergo a medical procedure that will obliterate those thoughts and feelings. However, Seraphina’s father, a human, and her mother, a dragon, broke the rules with their love affair and, later, her conception.

Seraphina has spent her life concealing the secret of her parentage, but after she gains the position of music assistant at the castle and is saddled with helping to prepare for the anniversary celebration of the treaty, she unwittingly finds herself thrust into the royal spotlight and in the middle of a murder investigation.

The murder investigation is that of a palace royal: Prince Rufus was found decapitated. A dragon seems to be the most likely suspect, causing tension to run high just in time for the anniversary visit of dragon-land royals. Seraphina’s involvement in the investigation and the anniversary festivities make it an even bigger struggle to keep her secret safe, and she eventually has to decide which is more important: her anonymity or the continued peace between the two lands.

Rachel Hartman’s debut title is beyond the typical, run-of-the mill dragon story. Giving dragons the ability to transform into humans adds a thought-provoking dimension, and Seraphina makes the perfect main character. Characters, plot, pacing and setting combine for a complex fantasy that readers are sure to devour.