“Vegetarian Times Complete Cookbook” by the Editors of Vegetarian Times


When I stopped eating meat, I relied heavily on Vegetarian Times magazine. I found it useful not just for the recipes, but for the articles on nutrition, cruelty-free products and dining out or attending dinner parties and potlucks.


I stopped subscribing years ago and don’t really consult this cookbook much these days, but it is a valuable resource if you’re a new vegetarian or simply looking to incorporate some meatless meals into your life.


The recipes are fairly basic, with easy-to-acquire ingredients. There are several introductory chapters on the benefits of a vegetarian diet. And, perhaps most helpful, several pages cover menu planning and shopping for pantry essentials.


Whatever your goals for 2014, I wish you success with them. And don’t be a stranger. Come see what Joplin Public Library has to offer you this year!