“Vegan Planet” by Robin Robertson


This cookbook is also one of my favorites, if the splattered pages of my copy are any indication. The Szechuan Hot and Sour Soup recipe is a frequent flier in my menu planning. It’s also fabulous if you have a cold or feel yourself coming down with one, as there’s nothing like a good dose of spicy soup to clear the sinuses.


When I’m craving a burger, I turn to the Three-Nut Burger. If I want something easy to prepare but also savory, Middle Eastern Lentils and Rice with Carmelized Shallots fits the bill – and the leftovers taste even better the next day.


One of my favorite aspects of “Vegan Planet” is the helpful information scattered throughout. The author provides 12 Great Health Reasons to Go Vegan, advises using fresh herbs and roasted nuts for added flavor, and offers tips on grilling vegetables and meat substitutes.