Throne of Glass by Sarah MaasTeen Fiction

Celaena Sardothien is an assassin. She has been convicted as such and sentenced to a work camp that should mean her death. Instead, she finds a way to live for over a year (a feat previously unheard of in the camp) until one day when she is collected by the Crown Prince Dorian. Dorian gives Celaena an opportunity too enticing to refuse even though might prove just as deadly (though not as miserable) as the work camp.

Celaena has been chosen to compete against thieves, soldiers, criminals, and other assassins to be the King’s Champion. Completing her term as the King’s Champion will eventually secure Celaena’s freedom and clear her name, but first she has to survive the competition.

With the help of Dorian, Choal the Captain of the Guard, and her unexpected friend Princess Nehemia, Celaena is sure to win the competition, but her friends’ help may not be enough to ensure Celaena’s survival against the mysterious evil that is hunting down the competitors one by one.

Maas has written a great book and a great protagonist. Celaena is an assassin, yes, but she’s also super smart and courageous and moral and funny and flawed. I loved the way she toyed with Choal and Dorian (apparently all Teen fantasies have to have a love triangle now), the way she committed to her friendship with Nehemia, and the way she manipulated palace politics when it suited her. Plus, Celaena is a reader. What’s not to love about a fearsome hero who also reads?