Don't Sit On the Baby by Halley Bondy

Don’t Sit On the Baby by Halley Bondy

Teen Nonfiction

This excellent little book is all about babysitting. It’s pretty slim, but it covers the basics very well. It includes what babysitters should expect from children ages 0-10 years, diaper time, bath-time, and meal time. It also includes sections on building resumes, what salary to expect, and how to quit a job. It’s all here. Even safety and life-saving techniques (though those really are better learned in person than from a book).

The conversational style will make this a go-to book for young sitters. Bondy even includes a couple of recipes! Resources are in the back for further training including the Red Cross Babysitter Training Course and some emergency numbers.

”Don’t Sit on the Baby” should also be a must-read for parents looking for babysitters since it covers what sitters should expect from parents (and therefore what parents should expect from sitters). I found the discussion of salaries very helpful since that was the most difficult and awkward thing for me as both a babysitter and a parent.