I’ve been checking out a few magazines lately, owing to a building project I’m doing. I got to thinking one day that not everyone knows we have magazines that you can check out, so I thought I’d share that today.

I’ve been checking out “This Old House” and “Family Handyman” for ideas on my project and have gleaned a few tips. Of course, you may not care for building or remodeling (or maintenance, for that matter). Maybe interested in cars? How’s about “Car and Driver,” “Hot Rod,” “Motor Trend” or “Road and Track”? Or get off the ground with “Flying” or on the water with “Motor Boating.”

We have almost 400 magazine subscriptions, so surely there’s something you’d like. Interested in pets or wildlife? We have “Cat Fancy,” “Dog Fancy” and “Western Horseman,” as well as “National Wildlife” and “Audubon” for your perusal. More of a hands-on hobbyist?  We have “American Craft,” “Chip Chats,” “Crafts ‘n Things,” “Fine Woodworking,” “Martha Stewart Living,” “Workbench” and more.

If none of that appeals, maybe some cooking? “Bon Appetit”! Or “Cooking Light” if you’re watching your figure. Burn off some of those calories with something sporty! “Bicycling,” “Bike,” “BMX Plus,” “Canoe & Kayak,” “Field and Stream,” “Fitness,” “Fly Fisherman,” “Golf Digest,” “Golf Magazine,” “Outdoor Life,” “Sporting News” and “Sports Illustrated” are all here waiting for you. Jog on over and read “Runner’s World” while you’re at it.

Feeling a bit more cerebral? “American History,” “Discover,” “Forbes,” “Humanist,” “New Republic,” “New York” and “New Yorker,” as well as “Smithsonian” and “Utne” await.

Got wanderlust? “National Geographic” is here for the armchair explorer while “National Geographic Traveler” and “Conde Nast Traveler” might help you plan some actual trips.

Not sure you have enough money for all that travel? Brush up on your financial affairs with “Barron’s,” “Economist,” “Forbes,” “The Kiplinger Letter” or “Kiplinger’s Personal Finance,” “Money” or even “Smart Money.”

All that financial stuff got you down? How about something lighter? “Better Homes and Gardens,” “Cosmopolitan,” “Country Living,” “Entertainment Weekly,” “Esquire,” “Glamour,” “GQ,” “House Beautiful,” “Ladies Home Journal,” “Mad,” “Mental Floss,” “O The Oprah Magazine,” “People Weekly,” “Reader’s Digest,” “Redbook,” “Rolling Stone,” “Self,” “Seventeen,” “Southern Living,” “Spin,” “Us Weekly” or “Vogue” might lighten your mental load.

Need some help raising kids? “Parenting” and “Parents” stand by ready to help, and “Working Mother” might come in handy. Trouble with your petunias? “Horticulture” and “Organic Gardening” should have something useful.

Obviously, this is just the tip of the iceberg. I’ve mentioned about 80 titles, which leaves over 300 for you to discover for yourself.

You can check out four magazines for a week at a time, so if you get started now, you’ll have them all read in just a few years. Seriously, though, do come check out our collection of circulating magazines. We have titles just for teens and children, too, so don’t forget to check those out if they might appeal to you or your children. Whether educational, informational or just for fun, we have quite a selection!