“Revival, Volume 1, You’re Among Friends” by Tim Seeley


Our Teen Librarian clued me in to this graphic novel, and, as always, she was spot-on.


“Revival” is described as “rural noir,” a term and a genre I love. (Think Daniel Woodrell, author of “Winter’s Bone”; that’s rural noir at its finest.)


For one day, in a small Wisconsin town, the dead come back to life. They rise up in morgues and funeral homes, much to the horror, confusion and sometimes joy of the townspeople. These revived aren’t quite zombies, but they are different from when they were alive, and bad things start to happen.


Local law enforcement has been called in to investigate this strange development, and Officer Dana Cypress has her hands full. In addition to being a single mother, having a strained relationship with her father and reuniting with her sister, who seems to be hiding something, she has to deal with this sudden influx of once-deceased people. There’s also been a brutal murder that she’s been tasked with solving.
The unsettling, sinister tone of “Revival” intrigues me. This strong start to a supernatural-tinged mystery series can be found in the Library’s adult non-fiction collection.