How to Fake a Moon Landing by Darryl CunninghamTeen Nonfiction

How to Fake a Moon Landing looks at the controversies surrounding things like climate change, evolution, fracking, alternative medicines, and the moon landing and applies cold, hard logic and scientific evidence to these controversies. Cunningham takes time to explain each subject, detailing the history behind the subject, the controversy itself and why there shouldn’t really be a controversy. He’s very thorough and makes some really good points.

I found the chapter on homeopathy quite interesting. I had no idea what homeopathy was before reading How to Fake a Moon Landing, so I was fascinated by how it “works” and the pseudo-science behind it. I think it’s especially helpful that Cunningham explains how even though homeopathy’s remedies are ultimately harmless, the denial of science-based medicine in preference of homeopathy is harmful.

All-in-all, How to Fake a Moon Landing is a great book for anyone interested in the full, controversies included picture of the subjects discussed as well as for readers who just want to know what all the hubbub is about. Cunningham’s use of comics and pictures is an inspired choice. This format makes the subjects approachable and the information easier to digest.