Friends With Boys by Faith Erin HicksIt’s Maggie’s first day of high school… of public school… of traditional school learning… (Before ninth grade, her mom homeschooled Maggie and her three brothers.)  Her older brothers have been in high school for a while, and now it’s Maggie’s turn. “Friends with Boys” is the story of Maggie adjusting to high school, navigating the complex social arena of public school and making her first non-boy/non-brother friend.

Oh, and Maggie might be haunted by a 19th – century widow. And she and her new friends might rob a museum to try to help the ghost. No big deal.

I knew I would like “Friends with Boys” because I have been religiously following Hick’s “Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong” online (and you should  too at, but I didn’t know I would love it this much!

Hicks’s story and writing are spot on. I remember what it was like being the new girl, and while I wasn’t homeschooled, I was going from an almost rural school to a big-city school with So Many People! My reactions were almost identical to Maggie’s.  Luckily for Maggie, she has the security of three older brothers attending the same school.

The relationships between Maggie and her family members are sweet and genuine. Daniel, the eldest, is really into theater. Lloyd and Zander are twins who constantly fight. Meanwhile, Dad has just been promoted to police chief and Mom… left.

Not only is the story wonderful, the art is great. It’s all black and white and is just amazing.  Hicks perfectly communicates expressions, moods and atmosphere while keeping everything bold and fresh. Together her art and writing are clever and funny and touching and and and…

I just want to hug Maggie and hang out with everyone in the courtyard, okay.

Now, go read it. Tell me how you like it even if you don’t.