Doctor Who: The Visual Dictionary by Neil Corry, et alI bought “Doctor Who: The Visual Dictionary” for the Teen Department collection because the Doctor is quickly gaining in popularity among my teens. I have several who completely nerd out any time “Doctor Who” is mentioned. It’s pretty fantastic.

The new series of “Doctor Who” is so popular among the Library’s patrons, in fact, that Monday was the first time I’ve seen the book on my shelves since I first put it on display in February. Before I could check it out for this review, I had to let three teens in my department look through it. (I kept saying, “You can look, but you can’t check it out. It’s mine!”)

This visual dictionary features the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, pretty heavily, but does have some mention of previous Doctors, including the Doctors from the “classic” shows.

While it looks like it’s going to be a quick read (and I’m sure it can be for the non-obsessed) ,  I spent ages reading every word about the Doctor, the TARDIS, the various companions, as well as the myriad of species the Doctor encounters. I learned quite a bit from the entries, but much of my reading time was spent thinking, “OH! I remember that episode!”

“Doctor Who: The Visual Dictionary” is a perfect resource for anyone who wants to know what all the hubbub is about but doesn’t want to slog through seven seasons of a (completely wonderful, amazing and engrossing) show, or for established fans who want to pore over as many details from “Doctor Who” as possible.