A zombie graphic novel? I’m so there. A zombie graphic novel with vampires, set in Edwardian England? Now, don’t roll your eyes just yet.

Following the death of Queen Victoria’s beloved Prince Albert, a zombie outbreak among the lower classes threatens to bring down the British Empire. To combat the epidemic and regain control, the upper classes take The Cure, becoming vampires.

Years after these events, George Suttle of Scotland Yard is tasked with investigating when a vampire is found dead on the banks of the Thames. He soon finds himself navigating a variety of worlds and uncovering a greater conspiracy.

The zombies aren’t particularly scary, and the story drags in parts. However, I did appreciate some aspects of “The New Deadwardians.”

The commentary on the class system has relevance in our contemporary society. The artwork subtly makes a statement, appearing dull much of the time but becoming saturated with color to reflect the life force of certain people and places. But it was Suttle’s characterization that made this graphic novel worth reading. He’s a thoughtful, conflicted aristocrat with a conscience and a progressive streak.

So if you’ve had enough of “Downton Abbey” and its soap opera story lines, “The New Deadwardians” might be an antidote.

In the meantime, you’ll find me enjoying graphic novels until that complete history of the Tower of London piques my interest.

Lisa E. Brown is the Administrative Assistant at the Joplin Public Library.