When life gets busy (and the DVR fills up), my reading habits get a bit lazy. Memoirs, cookbooks and short story collections sound appealing, but they sit on my nightstand while I gravitate toward graphic novels and audio books.

I’ll eventually return to reading about how to train your dog to stand on his head or make gluten-free, vegan pizza, but until then I’ll feast on the many graphic novels found in the Joplin Public Library’s collection.

Lover’s Lane: The Hall-Mills Mystery, by Rick Geary

I confess, with some shame, to a weakness for books about historical murder cases. Thus, Rick Geary’s series, “A Treasury of XXth Century Murder,” holds great appeal. The latest installment, “Lover’s Lane: the Halls-Mills Mystery,” does not disappoint.

I’d not heard of the Hall-Mills murders, but it’s a familiar story involving sex, money and scandal, one that captured a nation’s attention in the 1920s. An affair between two lovers, a married pastor and a married member of his choir, ends when both are found dead on a country road, their love letters strewn around them.

The book delves into the case and examines all the potential suspects, reading like a police procedural. Much of “Lover’s Lane” is narration, with little dialogue, and the illustrations are black and white. However, don’t be put off by this low-key presentation. The events, motives and individuals will leave you trying to solve this mystery.