The Scorch Trials is the second book in the Maze Runner Trilogy. Thomas and the other Gladers are back and despite what the people running WICKED told them in the final chapters of The Maze Runner, they are about to be tested again.

This time the testing takes place in a part of the world where sun flares have baked the earth and most of the inhabitants have been infected with a disease known as “the Flare.” They have two weeks to make it through this virtual wasteland, without getting killed by bloodthirsty Cranks or destroyed by the elements. If they do, WICKED has promised them that they will receive the cure for “the Flare” and be given their freedom.

James Dashner has written another nail-biter that is sure to hook teen and adult fans alike. The pacing is excellent, with another challenge always looming just off in the distance. Mind games abound in this second book and readers will be left with way more questions than answers in the final chapters, but The Death Cure, the final book in the trilogy, was released in October so it should clear up any unanswered questions.