Senior high student Samantha Kingston is a walking poster child for popularity.  She has three equally popular best friends, a hot boyfriend, and the ability to do pretty much what she wants at Thomas Jefferson High.

While popularity has its perks, immortality is not one of them; as Samantha discovers on the night of Friday, February 12, when she is involved in a car accident.

That should be the end for Samantha, but in a plot twist that will remind readers of the movie Groundhog Day, she wakes up on the morning of her death with the opportunity to relive February 12. In fact, much to her dismay, she gets the chance to relive that day seven times.

At first, Samantha uses the time loop to do things that she would not otherwise have the courage, but eventually she realizes that she needs to alter events so she can move past February 12.  Introspection and observation help her to untangle the true circumstances that led to her death and Samantha ultimately realizes that life is about living in the moment; as one moment can last a lifetime.

Actress, Sarah Drew—better known as Dr. April Kepner on Grey’s Anatomy— narrates debut author Lauren Oliver’s handsomely crafted page-turner.  Drew does an amazing job of using voice inflection to differentiate between Oliver’s well developed characters, and is dead on when narrating the dialog between Samantha and her three best friends.  Kudos to Listening Library Audio for pairing Drew and Oliver, as listeners will be hard pressed to push the stop button.